In-House Prescreening Assessment Tools

Our CV shortlisting is based on investigated, benchmarked, obvious information that help evaluations and produce exhaustive applicant report. Our strategy and evaluation strategies are incorporated into "sourcing model" adjusted to client or task. We have ability to remove reports through ATS dashboarding and utilized AI can recognize any peculiarities in these reports. Advisor aptitude to enroll in a specialty industry consolidates these outcomes and evaluation of choose applicant.


Career development is the ongoing process of managing your life, learning and work. It is a valuable method for reviewing where you are in your career, deciding where you want to be and for setting smart goals to get there.Gulf Hiring services supports jobseekers in identifying their personal goals and finding strategies to reach them.


Executive Search

Discovering a needle in a feed stack is a comprehensive and master task oversaw exclusively by veteran inquiry consultancies. Our hunt experts utilize a few techniques to scout scant and much needed gifts. These incorporate statistical surveying for industry explicit profiles, cold pitching, cross referring to, shoulder tapping, organizing, information base inquiry and in any event, scouting. Enrollment Projects are acknowledged both on retainer or possibility premise and once presented the chose competitor is straightforwardly and forever utilized by the customer.

HR Consulting

Gulf hiring attempts HR Consulting projects identified with Organization Structure, Manpower Planning, Salary Survey, Job Evaluation, Compensation and Benefits, Competency outline works, Psychometric Testing, Training and Development, HR Policy and Procedures. Gulf Hiring has executed several HR projects for different sectors across the GCC.


Gulf Hiring recruiting has been at the front of giving Emirati Talent to associations that look for Nationals to satisfy their essential objectives and legal commitments. Gulf hiring proactively targets qualified Emirati ability that are uninvolved hands on sheets. Gulf hiring also gives outplacement administrations to Emiratis affected by vital rebuilding of associations The provincial difficulties have ended up being openings both for Gulf hiring and its clients.

Virtual Interviews And Onboarding

Managers saw advantages of virtual meeting and onboarding since March 2020. 63% HR Managers expressed they might want to have an underlying virtual meeting prior to going to an in-person meet. More than 66% of HR experts will probably embrace this Hybrid model that could help guarantee they are becoming more acquainted with competitors as successfully and legitimately as could really be expected" Would this support future all through 2021 of talking and onboarding?Our Team upholds all kind of virtual meeting, video conferencing, online appraisals, experiments, talk with introductions and offer help setting up customer virtual meetings. Our Team guarantees we are there consistently measure as adequately as could really be expected


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